Providing application specific wound components

Traditional winding process blended with cutting edge material technology to design or manufacture to individual requirements

Modern techniques and pioneering approaches

We can design from scratch or build to print, manufacture and support obsolescence challenges.

Amongst others we produce:

A key supplier to the worlds most advanced manufacturers holding AS9100 revision D and BS EN ISO9001:2015. Quality is a given.

Providing application specific components through full programme life

Traditional manufacturing techniques supporting hi-tech OEMs (Industries) and dealing with obsolescence issues.

We deliver our customers an innovative and cost effective solutions

Our engineering processes & products

Structured Design Process

Whether build to print or designed to need, we always follow a process defined in our QMS ensuring compliance to your expectations. It's a process developed to meet the needs of our most exacting clients and compliant with AS9100 rev D.

Precision Linear Winding

Based on volume and techniques required manual, semi-automatic or automatic winders are used.

Toroidal Winding

Providing up to 7KVa 50Hz can be wound on our machines, product can be PCB mounting, surface mount, tag wrap or flying lead. Hand and pull winding techniques are used when turns are low and the wire gauge relatively large turn on screen reader support

Assembly Process

We can hand assemble laminated and ferrite devices and then terminate using our IPC trained staff to ensure high quality interconnection with our parts.

Environmental Protection

Product finishes vary from full impregnation under vacuum and enveloping for the most arduous environments or air dry varnishing when devices are incorporated in our customer higher level of protective coating or casting.

Product Conformance Testing

All devices are subject to test through various stages of manufacture using semi-automated test analysers or our ATE whenever volume supports the investment.
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Flexible, Proactive & Professional

Blending traditional techniques with front end magnetic technology.

To satisfy our customers demand we aim to be proactive, flexible and quality driven. Efficiency and our design knowledge help provide solutions which fulfil our obligations both to our customers and to the world we live in. We strive to be our customers instinctive choice for the whole-life support of their wound component needs and to further develop the stability and prosperity both for their business and our own.

We position ourselves to be our customers preferred supplier for the engineering support and manufacture of their transformers, inductors and associated wound component devices.

High integrity to allow people to develop and equal opportunities employer.

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